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Indelible Wealth Group is a fee-only Independent Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) firm, registered in Colorado and California and working with clients on a national level.

We are not stockbrokers or a hedge fund, we do not sell insurance products, and we do not take custody of our client’s assets. There are many advantages to using a Registered Investment Adviser, but none are more important than the fiduciary standard of placing your best interest at the forefront of the investment process.

Many firms express their commitment to the fiduciary standard but fall short in a variety of ways (revenue sharing, commission-based compensation for their sales force, trailing compensation based on offers or products, incentivizing on new products or programs, etc.), and even mandate that their representatives’ fiduciary obligation is to the firm and not to the client.


 That doesn’t work for us. At Indelible Wealth Group, the investor always comes first.

Our Investment Policy


At Indelible, we follow and apply Modern Portfolio Theory when constructing and managing our client portfolios. This concept is predicated on the efficient market hypothesis, and seeks to optimize portfolio potential through diversification, optimization, and rebalancing on regular intervals.

Key advantages of this time-tested methodology are improved competitiveness and the removal of emotional influences on investment decisions. This clear, intuitive methodology has repeatedly proven its validity in today’s investment environments.

Our Portfolios



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Modest Risk


High Risk


Moderate Risk

*Percentage of equity. Difference to equal 100% Fixed Income.




To be a source of confidence and inspiration during times of struggle, a voice of reason in heightened markets, and to guide with compassion through careful attention to your needs.

I started IWG because I believe you deserve a trusted partner whose sole focus is on your ultimate success in achieving your financial goals. Because your investment accounts are only part of your total financial picture, I apply a holistic approach in choreographing your wealth management to ensure you’re maximizing your potential and minimizing costly errors. As a Certified Financial Planner® I will develop a comprehensive plan of action, with mileposts to gauge your progress, and ongoing evaluations to keep you focused on the big picture. My collaborative approach allows us to stay on point as your needs change and the complexity of your overall financial plan evolves. Most importantly I believe you deserve unbiased advice to help you achieve your personal goals in life. You benefit most by investing with a disciplined methodology rooted in a time tested sensible philosophy. The inherently unpredictable nature of the markets demands a disciplined approach to investment management. With over a decade of industry experience, and a passion for helping investors make sensible decisions, I will align your portfolio according to your tolerance for short-term volatility while keeping focus on your long-term goals. Because your goals and objectives are the reason for investing, I whole-heartedly believe you’re best served by having a single point of contact for your financial planning and wealth management services.
Jason M Brooks CFP®, AIF®

Begin your journey to investment confidence.

With over 15 years of financial planning expertise, we’re uniquely situated to guide you and your family along your financial journey. How can we help with your college, retirement, or charitable legacy planning?