Your wealth, your future

We understand how much is riding on your wealth management. So let’s take a holistic view, minimize duplication and overlap, and help your money work better for you. Starting now.

Wealth management on your terms

We offer non-discretionary and discretionary partnerships to ease the burden of making investing decisions. Talk to us about your goals and objectives, and we’ll identify the most appropriate solution based on your past investing experiences, decision-making behavior, and desired level of involvement.

IWG Wealth Management Includes

  • Written Investment Policy Statement
  • Investment strategy development and implementation
  • Ongoing management* of investment portfolios, which may include mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and individual securities
  • Monthly performance snapshot
  • Quarterly performance reports
  • Tax efficient strategies
  • Regular client communications
  • Quarterly  personal consultations, and readily available discussions as needed
  • Sensible Solutions tailored to your unique preferences and needs

Non-discretionary Services

If you desire ongoing influence in financial decisions and investment transactions — but value having an expert advisor guiding you along the way — we offer non-discretionary services. As with our discretionary solutions, we’ll tailor your investments wisely while respecting your desires to control the investment process and not transact without your authorization.


  • Monthly Performance Report
  • Quarterly Performance Report and review
  • Your participation in the buy/sell process based on our actionable recommendations
  • Annual Gain/Loss reporting
  • Annual review of financial plan.
  • Ongoing coordination with your CPA/Attorney

Discretionary Services


For many investors, the stress and anxiety associated with the investment process leads to emotional decisions and errant choices. For those who don’t want to worry about day-to-day management, we offer discretionary services. We’ll tailor your services according to your wishes and objectives, then manage your portfolio on your behalf.


  • Monthly Performance Report
  • Quarterly Performance report and review
  • Buy/Sell decisions and transactions made on your behalf
  • Annual Gain/Loss Reporting
  • Annual review of financial plan
  • Professional portfolio management and oversight
  • Ongoing coordination with your CPA/Attorney



One of our core values is transparent, simple fee-based pricing. We apply breakpoints to the entire balance of assets under management and do not charge different rates based on the investment vehicle employed (ETF, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, CDs).

How we minimize expenses:
Using low operating expense ratio (OER) exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds Selecting funds with lower-than-category-average OERs
Not benefiting from trailing revenues (loads/12b-1 fees) on products we recommend

Our rates, while clearly listed in our regulatory filings, are completely negotiable based on your individual needs and goals.

For more information, services offered, established fee rates and history, please see our Broker and Firm Check» CRD# 166864

*Portfolio management through employment of exchange traded funds (ETFs), active and passive mutual funds, and individual securities.