Yes, you can know the road ahead

We take a holistic view of your wealth and ensure all parts of your portfolio are working together. That way, your road ahead is smooth.

Build a plan for the long haul

Would you build a house without a set of designs? Or think you could look at it once, set it aside, and complete the building? Of course not, and that strategy doesn’t work for your finances, either. We will work with you to align your goals with your resources to ensure the plan we build withstands the forces of time.

Estate Planning

Planning for your whole family’s interests

Planning for multi-generational families brings up unique financial issues, as well as different viewpoints, backgrounds, and goals. We help families with issues like wealth transfer, family foundation planning, and continuity, all while tuning in to the emotional and psychological perspectives of family members.

Education Planning

Today’s savings, tomorrow’s education goals

Inflation and many other factors have driven the cost of education higher. But with careful attention to details early on, IWG can get you on track for your education funding goals or help you adjust for shortfalls with your progress.

Social Security Planning

Maximizing social security benefits

Social security requires strategy. For example, if you were born after 1937, your Full Retirement Age (FRA) is 67 — but whether you elect to receive benefits before or after that can have significant effect on the size of your payments.

We’re happy to partner with you and review your benefit structure to achieve the most effective payout plan according to your eligibility.

Retirement Planning

The big question: Will I be able to retire in comfort?

Will I be able to retire? Am I contributing enough to my retirement? What if the economy changes drastically between now and then? 

If any of these questions sound familiar, it’s time to examine your financial picture to avoid a dissatisfying retirement. At IWG, we take a holistic approach to retirement planning because we believe all of your assets play a role in your success and stability. We’ll examine your assets, spending and saving patterns, liabilities, and long-term needs to develop a road map that puts you at ease.