Know the Road Ahead

We believe in taking a holistic view of your wealth to ensure all parts work together for your success. Let us help minimize duplication and overlap so your investments work more intelligently together.

What are your financial dreams?

Would you build a house without a set of designs, or think you could look at it once then set it aside and create a complete building? If that was your strategy, you might have a sound structure. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone on the job site who knows how to build your financial house? We will work with you to align your goals with your resources to ensure your house withstands the forces of time.

Estate Planning

Careful planning now will ensure your goals in life and beyond are achieved.

Planning for multi-generational families brings about unique financial issues combined with incorporating different viewpoints, backgrounds and goals. We help families with issues such as wealth transfer, family foundation planning, and continuity while tuning in to the emotional and psychological perspectives of family members. Furthermore, the recent tax reform efforts in Washington may have rendered your estate plan archaic. IWG will work with you and your estate attorney to ensure your assets are protected and working wisely for you.

Education Planning

Today’s savings and tomorrow’s goals.

Inflation has influenced the cost of education significantly. With careful attention to details early on IWG can get you on track for your education funding goals or help you adjust for shortfalls with your progress.

Social Security Planning

Maximizing social security benefits is an important component of your financial planning process.

If you were born after 1937, your Full Retirement Age (FRA) is 67. You may elect to receive payments at age 62, but will experience a reduction in payments as a result. Should you elect to receive payments early? Likewise, if you delay election to receive your benefits beyond your FRA, you may be eligible to earn credits which result in increased benefit payments. Should you postpone until after your FRA? Additional points of consideration when planning around Social Security are earnings test, disability benefits and survivor benefits. We’re happy to partner with you and review your benefit structure to achieve the most effective payout plan according to your eligibility.

Retirement Planning

Have you taken the time to create a roadmap to retirement?

Will I be able to retire? Am I contributing enough to my retirement? Am I balancing my qualified and non-qualified savings to avoid having to dip into my retirement accounts too soon? Are you worried about your ability to achieve your goals in retirement? If any of these questions sound familiar, it’s time to take action. If not, it may be time to examine your financial picture to avoid a dissatisfying retirement. At IWG, we take a holistic approach to planning for retirement because we believe all of your assets play a role in your ultimate success. We will examine your assets, spending and saving patterns, liabilities and long term needs to develop a road map for success. With plan in hand, IWG will work with you to manage your investments accordingly.